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Insurance Companies (reparation obligors) providing basic economic loss (no-fault) insurance in the state of Minnesota have organized and maintain, subject to approval and regulation by the commissioner, an assigned claims bureau. The rules of operation and the assessment of costs on a fair and equitable basis are consistent with sections 65B.41 to 65B.71.  Costs incurred are allocated fairly and equitably among the parties involved. 

The Bureau is administered by a Governing Committee that consists of seven members; one member is elected from  each of the following classes of companies: Alliance of American Insurers, American Insurance Association, National Association of Independent Insurers and Non-Affiliated Insurance Companies; one Self-Insurer elected by the Self-Insurers; and two public members appointed by the governor to two-year terms.  

Biennially on a date fixed by the Committee, each respective class of companies described and the Self-Insurers shall elect its representative to the Committee to serve two-year terms or until a successor is elected.  The governor shall appoint two public members to serve two-year terms.  The Bureau Staff shall be appointed by the Committee.

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