A listing of the Benefits that the Bureau provides




The No-Fault Benefits contain the following:

Medical: Up to $20,000/person (including rehabilitation).
Income Loss,
Funeral Cost,
Survivors' Economic
and Services Loss:
Limit of $20,000/person, subject to:
Income Loss limit of 85% of actual loss, up to maximum of $500/week.

Replacement services benefit limit of $200/week beginning on 8th day after injury.

Funeral expense: $5000

Survivors' benefits limits:
$500/week for income loss
$200/week for services cost.
Limitation on Tort Recovery: No tort action permitted unless medical cost (not including diagnostic X-rays and rehabilitation) exceeds $4,000; or injury results in disability in excess of 60 days; permanent disability or disfigurement; or death.
Vehicle Damage: Remains in tort system.
Miscellaneous Provisions: No-fault insurance is excess as to any benefits payable under workers' compensation.

In insured was injured in an accident with a commercial vehicle, no-fault insurer has the rights of subrogation, to the extent of no-fault benefits paid.

Disputes between insurers must be decided by binding arbitration.
Law Effective: January 1, 1975.

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