Am I entitled
to receive benefits from the Bureau?




The purpose of the Claims Bureau is to provide basic economic loss benefits to any eligible claimant, if such benefits are not otherwise available.  For example, the Bureau will provide basic economic loss benefits to a non car-owning pedestrian who is not otherwise insured and is struck by an uninsured or unidentified motorist.

The Bureau will NOT provide benefits:


To any person suffering injury, if such person:
caused injury to himself or another person intentionally, was a converter of a
motor vehicle at the time the injury was sustained, unless such converter was a person
14 years old or younger, or, was injured in the course of an officiated racing or speed
contest or in the practice or preparation for such a race, or;
2. If the plan of reparation security applicable to the injury can be identified, or;
3. To a person who failed to have security in effect at the time he was the owner of a  private passenger motor vehicle, or to any person, whether or not related by blood
or marriage, who lived with and functioned together with the owner as a family,
other than adults who have been adjudicated incompetent and minor children, or;
4. To any person who fails to submit an application for benefits within one year immediately following the date of injury; provided, however, that failure to provide notice will not render
a person ineligible to receive benefits unless actual prejudice is shown by the reparation obligor, and then only to the extent of the prejudice, or;
5. To any person eligible for coverage under a plan of reparation security and who fails
to submit a claim on a timely basis to their carrier, even if the application for benefits
is made to the Bureau within one year of the date of injury, or;
6. To any person who has made timely application for basic economic loss benefits
to an insolvent insurance carrier but who fails to notify the Bureau of the claim
within six months after discovery of the carrier's financial inability.

A decision by the Bureau or one of its Servicing Insurers to deny benefits may be appealed by the claimant to the Governing Committee.

If a claim qualifies for assignment, the Bureau or any reparation obligor to whom the claim is assigned, shall have the right to seek indemnification from an uninsured tortfeasor.  Except as otherwise provided in Minnesota Statutes, Section 340A.801, subdivision 4, the reparation obligor to whom the claim is assigned shall further be subrogated to all of the rights of the claimant against any person for economic loss benefits provided by the obligor to whom the claim was assigned.

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